PRINT ENGINEERING LLC is one of the fuel importers in the liquefied petrol gas market of Ukraine. PRINT ENGINEERING works with liquefied petrol gas leading manufacturers. The branched wide network of gas filling stations delivers liquefied petrol gas to customers throughout Ukraine.

Upon request we present all necessary documents, a passport and a certificate.




Diesel fuel meets the requirements of "Technical Regulations on Requirements for Automotive Gasoline, Diesel, Marine and Furnace Fuels." Depending on the season diesel fuel is provided of three brands.



Diesel fuel meets the requirements of "Technical Regulations on Requirements for Automotive Gasoline, Diesel, Marine and Boiler Fuels." Depending on the season, diesel fuel is provided of three brands.

FUEL OIL M 100 and M 40

PRINT ENGINEERING LLC is engaged in the production and preparation of fuel oil M 100, M 40 and bitumen. Fuel oil meets all quality standards.

The main source of raw materials for fuel oil production is crude oil. Fuel oil is one of the most common products of crude oil refining. In the process of distillation approximately 50% of the total volume of crude oil is released as light fractions such as gasoline, kerosene and gas oil, the remaining 50% is fuel oil. The physical and chemical properties of fuel oil - viscosity, density, heat of combustion, as well as the percentage of sulfur and ash in it, largely depend on the initial composition of the oil.

The most popular brand of the fuel oil is M 100, which is classified as furnace oil. Among all types of fuel oil M 100 is one of the heaviest type of the fuel. Fuel oil M 100 is characterized by low sulfur and ash content, however due to its high viscosity it has a rather high pour point. Preheating directly in the furnace reduces the viscosity of fuel oil and improves the process of its combustion.

KEROSENE TC-1 (aviation fuel), PT (jet fuel)

Kerosene is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by distillation or recycling of crude oil, which is a clear, colorless or yellowish, slightly oily liquid.

Kerosene TC-1(aviation fuel) – kerosene obtained by direct distillation of sulfur crude.

Kerosene PT (jet fuel) – kerosene, obtained by hydrotreating kerosene fractions with boiling points of 135 - 180 ° C.

Kerosene TC-1 (aviation fuel) and PT (jet fuel) are used as jet fuel, and kerosene TC-1is used in addition in the paint and varnish industry, for example for the production of drying oil and other varnish-and-paint materials on its basis, as a substitute for white spirit. Our company offers kerosene at profitable rates. We provide kerosene only from the best manufacturers of petroleum products, which ensures its consistently high quality. The kerosene offered by us can be delivered all over Ukraine.

PRINT ENGINEERING LLC sales on a constant basis technical jet fuel from leading manufacturers.