About Company


"Print Engineering" - is honesty and always mutually beneficial cooperation!

"PrintEngineering" LLC is not the first year engaged in processing, storage, wholesale and delivery of petroleum products in Ukraine. We turn out their reputation from the first day, and now our customers know us as a reliable supplier of the highest quality fuel.

"Print Engineering" - High Quality

Activity "Print Engineering" focuses on the wholesale supply of only quality oil. We only work with leading manufacturers and reliable suppliers.  Each batch of fuel, regardless of volume passes through a thorough check for compliance declared quality. We follow the conditions of storage and delivery of fuel from the manufacturer to the end user. Due to strict quality control and scrutiny, we offer our customers with the highest quality fuel. After all, a quality product - this is the face of company and in all possible ways, we try not to spoil it.

Becoming a customer of the fuel company "Engineering Print", you automatically become a consumer of petroleum products only of the highest quality. A high-quality fuel - is primarily protection of the environment and the safety of your equipment. After all, on the quality of the diesel consumption fuel or gasoline, the corresponding class Euro emission of sulfur in the atmosphere is much less, and your Equipment on fuel quality will last you much longer. Realizing the responsibility to nature and in front of your client, we carefully monitor the quality of the fuel supplied.

Our company employs experienced specialists who are literally in love with their work. They monitor the quality of the fuel, are working on the logistics, thus achieving clarity of the company and the timeliness of the delivery of fuel at the agreed time. We appreciate the time our customer and try to provide quality services, not only in fuel supply but also in working with most fuel company.

Our main customers:

  • - Gas station
  • - Agrofirms
  • - Transport companies
  • - Large-scale industrial organization
  • - Repair and construction services
  • - Car Stores
  • - Car Services

Working with us, you get the following benefits:

  • - A wide range of high quality oil products (diesel fuel, AI-92, AI-95 fuel oil M-100)
  • - A guarantee of quality of offered products (fuel quality complies with European standards)
  • - Logistics services (delivery of diesel fuel is carried out as soon as possible)
  • - Honed work (amount of fuel delivered will meet the request)
  • - Efficiency (our specialists are ready to provide any help and in a timely manner to solve the problems)
  • - Individual approach (working with each client personal manager)
  • - Flexible payment terms (possible delay of payment for regular customers)

The company does not cease to grow. Every day, we set ourselves new goals and cherish great hopes for the future.

The transparency of doing business, honesty and respect for all the agreements and commitments on responsibilities makes us a reliable partner in business.

We look forward to a long and productive partnership.

Sincerely, Fuel and Energy Company "Print Engineering" LLC.